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this paragraph is sold in bulk without packing toys !
condition new glasses are transparent in the light not only one term optimus leader, but he is best known one.
years ago he was "matrix of leadership" ( value in a robot head firmware chest , the equivalent of the crown ) is selected to become the new leader, his humble personality , sense of justice , is the perfect incarnation of the hero .
when he led his men ready for battle , there will always say the famous line "car person , deformation starting !
"(transform and rollout!).
about deformation : whether toys, cartoon or movie version , the optimus is a red truck deformed head , differ only expertise in the design of the truck head on : superior command leadership, people can put the car together
, the iconic weapon in the hands of the laser gun , the second focused on his hot pole weapon upgrades quotations : "freedom is the right to have the perception that all creatures .
" 09 hasbro transformers movie optimus prime toy version v level , exquisite complete package , handsome awesome new year , a good choice for a birthday gift !
[brand] : american hasbro hasbro [material]: high quality plastic - size: become a car is 18 cm , about 25 cm high after deformation , outer box 28 * 20 cm .
[ toy level : voyager class (v level ) [description] : hasbro transformers toy grade 09 v movie version of optimus prime , exquisite complete package , handsome awesome new year , a good choice for a birthday gift !
ultra-affordable price , counter price up to 259 yuan !
special products are already shipping , do not accept any form of bargaining !
some special reminder: 1 , genuine hasbro transformers ball joints and has been using a card design, so the joints are relatively loose, disconnected or sometimes will fall , not a quality problem , do not misunderstand is bad
, as long as you can reload the place back to normal !
( in fact, this is a protective design ) 2, v -class products are hasbro transformers higher level product , the deformation is more complex, so do not point ability of buyers to consider carefully to make another , not to the time that they did not learn
how to play on random gave us negative feedback, we would rather not do this transaction !
3 , these sources are the u.s. version , packing no chinese identity, care buyers , please carefully start

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