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ThreeZero announced the fourth in the Titanfall series and the third Ogre in the 1/12 scale with a 20-inch (50.8cm) high. Will be scheduled for March 29 onwards, priced at 3,500 Hong Kong dollars / 450 US dollars (about 2930 yuan). In addition to the consistent styling and finishing features of ThreeZero, this armor is made up of more than 100 parts. The finger is mobile, the foot restores the hydraulic joint design, the red and blue LED lights on the head are included, Cockpit cover can be opened and closed. With the 1/12 ratio 6 inch (15.2cm) high whole body moveable driver, and can be placed in the body cockpit. . Weapon 40mm detachable cartridge cannon, the body's left shoulder with three consecutive missile launchers, and can open and close the handling of missiles. General content at a glance Another Ogre purchased on the ThreeZero website is accompanied by an official online version of the Arc Cannon for a Titan. This weapon was sold as an official website when it was released at Atlas. Atlas official website when the official code Arc CannonThreeZero official website limited edition ThreeZero previously launched two armored balanced Atlas and agile Stryder and 1/6 ratio 12-inch driver, are based on the game white IMC Forces of the color, and this release of Ogre is used in the militia hostile forces M-Cor yellow-green color. Screenshots of the game, Atlas with the M-COR color on the left and Militia with the IMC color on the right are loose forces in the front-line galaxy, consisting of a group of peasants, robbers, mercenaries and pirates facing the IMC oppression , They spontaneously formed a "freedom fighter" or "civil guard" to defend the security of their homeland. However, in the brutal front-line war, they have to admit that they can not be avoided by cooperating with criminals and terrorists. As a result, many Front Corps are made up of private units and criminal organizations that put an end to the IMC's oppression. MCOR is a branch of the game's Militia in the Freeport Galaxy, fully known as the Marauder Corps (Marauder Corps), abbreviated MCOR, and mostly composed of pirates. The Role of the MCOR VS IMC in the Game IMC's balanced Atlas, Heavy Armor Ogre and Agile StryderOgre are one of the three default Titan models in Titan's day game, made by Hammond Robotics as an extremely rugged Developed by the body, his design is the main battle tank, has a solid armor, more powerful than the Atlas and Stryder, resistance to fight. He is slightly taller than Atlas and the heaviest and slowest of the three. Ogre has an egg-shaped cockpit door, located on the top of the body, unlike the other body in the chest position. Also in the game Ogre is equipped with Shield Core (Shield Core), you can double the Ogre shield within a certain period of time. More Figure cockpit cockpit can be opened and closed 1/12 ratio 6-inch high body mobile driver main weapon 40MM cannon Ogre armor details hydraulic joint design at the foot cockpit cover with LED lights, switchable red and blue color (2 AA batteries required) ThreeZero Official Website Limited Edition with official website Arc Canon Arc Canon Ogre Product Specifications * The full height is about 50.8 cm (20 inches). * More than 100 parts made of the precise details. * Movable waist and foot hydraulic joints. * 40mm cannon (removable cartridge) * Fully open hatch and cockpit. * The main body and legs on the movable armor plate. * Multiple LED lighting devices. (Interchangeable red and blue lights) * Three left shoulder rocket (can open and load the missile) * Movable finger joints. * Two single 3A batteries (excluding batteries) Titan Pilot Product Specifications * 6-inch fully mobile pilot Pilot, can be stored in the cockpit interior. * Equipped with R97 submachine gun and full armor components fabric equipment. * Exquisite old color painting * About Titan falls this game and other models, you can also read the article "Storm Titan heaven again." Brand: Threezero Type: Mech Product Model Series: Unknown Size: 1/12 People Like Minded ThreeZeroTitanfall Titan Descending Titan

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