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"Batman wars Superman" released, it is now necessary to review the wardrobe of Bruce Wayne in the big screen, what Batman wore the shirt you most want to wear it? Leave a message to let me know: Lewis Wilson (1943) Perhaps only a handful of bat fans know that as early as 1943 appeared on the "Batman" film and television drama. The episode was filmed by Columbia Pictures and released 15 copies. As the film shows the era coincides with World War II, the film's plot is also very Yingjing, about the US government agent Batman defeated Japanese agent Dr. Daka. Battled by Lewis Wilson, Batman wore a baggy costume with a strong wrestler, but the dress was pretty sexy at the time. As the series is commercially successful, and spawned another series of movies "Batman and Robin." Robert Lowery (1949) Also in 1949, Columbia Pictures shot Batman & Robin. Played by Robert Lowery, Batman in his bat-to-wear batt was made of spandex and therefore more fit than his predecessor, exposing the starring figure. The two bats on the mask were so funny as to have Bruce Wayne's head too crooked to live. Brother, you should lose weight It is worth mentioning that the bat lights in debut on the big screen debut in the series, although it looks cheap. But at the time of the audience will be a serious attitude to comic adaptation of TV drama? Although two film series from Colombia appear to be abusive today, they are, after all, the first manga adapted live-action Batman films that should not be overlooked while studying Batman's screen history. Adam West (1966) The 1966 Batman film was filmed by Twentieth Century Fox Films, which has had a successful episode before. A large number of well-known villains debut in the show, and even the Green Hornet also guest (Bruce Lee played his assistant Kato). The play is fast-paced, bright colors, full of pure joy atmosphere, from the props scene to the nodal elements have affected the world's children's drama production, especially Japan, the most affected. Batman Battled by Adam West Though his face masks add eyebrows and his belts are too high to appear like an elder, he relies on his acting and appearance to really engender a crowd of fans into the bat fans until today Relish. Adam West was also previously invited to the "Big Bang episode" episode 200. Michael Keaton (1989) Watching Adam West version of Batman grew up as a generation of bat fans, see Michael Keaton version will also be a bright spot. Because at the end of the optimism is about the end of the eighties, turmoil in the city seems to gradually spread to reality. When people see the dark bat figure in the screen, only the bright yellow belt and chest logo will bring them the light of hope in the darkness. Although Tim Burton made Batman stand out from gag practices, he was more like the screen hero the audience wanted. Michael Keaton (1992) 92 years of "Batman Returns" is a continuation of the 89 version of the charm, Bat Warfare shirt in addition to the chest muscles and chest muscles become more obvious, the overall did not change much, still simple and elegant . However, to some extent, Batman was snatched by cats. Batman's boots are based on Nike's Black Air Trainer III as Val Kilmer (1995) Val Kilmer in "The Batman Forever", among the best of Bruce Wayne's actors, Dressed bat bats gorgeous or straight flash blind audience. Although the bat logo melts the decorative textures, is this dazzling combat suit really suitable for Batman who needs to move in the dark? George Clooney (1997) It's not that a pair of nipples on a bat's shirt ruined "Batman and Robin," but the whole movie was terrible. This is a toy kidnapped by the movie, George Clooney's unwilling to mention the black history, and let the super hero genre pieces for many years, but the nipple has become the biggest highlight of the film, becoming the bats in the history of war clothing One of the most impressive ... Christian Bale (2005) combat clothing from decorative to practical conversion, can cut off the extra elements are not one, leaving only Christian Bale sexy chin, but it seems a little too long cloak. Christian Bale (2008) After Lucius Fox's war-shirt has been upgraded to some extent to withstand bullets, practical and beautiful balance of work is the new generation of bats in the eyes of the most handsome jersey. The reality of the new bat clothing is composed of 200 separate rubber, fiberglass, metal mesh and nylon fragments formed by the composition, which contains a very complex cutting process, and then coupled with a very flexible belt to be fixed, so Christian Bale can wear more fit. The back of the cloak is a motorcycle helmet based design concept, completely disconnected at the neck seams, so that Bale can freely swing his head up and down around. There's also a white eyepiece that Batman uses for sonic positioning. Ben Affleck (2016) "Batman vs Superman," Batman's battle debut on the controversial, it seems that the old and new bat fans are not recognized. Ear shorter, Tucao users are like cats, sturdy, was seen as bloated users. Even more bluntly, the war vest is "returning to liberation overnight," and it is not 49 years since I returned. But for the heavy armor version of the shirt but no one Tucao, after all, come from classic Frank Miller cartoon.People Like Batman Superman Batman vs Superman BVS

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