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After Disney acquired Lucasfilm, it took a more cooperative approach to the toy copyright of the popular "Star Wars" toy. However, on the one hand has many years of experience in the production of Star Wars toys, on the other hand is Disney's strategic partner Hasbro still holds Star Wars brand toys authorized. Disney has always been like to accept the legacy of the merged company, Marvel once the conscience drama "Avengers - the strongest hero of the world" was cut off re-enactment of the younger version of "Avenger Assembly", the award-winning "Planet War of the Clone Wars "also ended in episode 122 under Disney's plan. "Rising of the Rebellion" is Disney's new movie entitled "Clone Wars" and a new year with a new year and new toys. It seems that supporting toys should also come out with new ideas. From the point of adding new profit points and opening up new product lines, Hasbro launched Is the brand new "Star Wars - Commander" series. Commander toy line with a 1:35 ratio of plastic colored soldiers as the main body, with a matching vehicle for a simple battle game. In addition to the playability of the doll details are quite good enough for adult players to paint and transform, and the selection is Star Wars universe in the famous battle and plot, coupled with the low price so that Hasbro on this product line Very optimistic. Helpless empty idea toy actually sales is a mess, the kidnap fancier and adult players bask in the basic figure did not appear, the toy prices drop again and again, eventually only bleak end, the series even the Obi Wang's doll did not have time to launch on the declaration of death. But this series of flash points can not be ignored, the proportion of dolls can match the standard model does not say, even as a small piece of chess is also full of details, although Hasbro's "commander" series died, but adhering to similar Some of the Japanese series of ideas reward him to some extent inherited his behest. Coupled with the Dragonair has announced the 1:35 Star Wars series of modeling news, but also make people "Commander" series regretted. Back to play this series of games and toy soldiers play the same tactics. Both sides put a bunch of villain, with a small vehicle inserted in the back of the base force attack each other, knocked down even beat the street, the rules are easy to understand. Toy packs are available in large boxes and hanging cards, each with two slightly finer heroic figures painted, but with no additional bonuses on the attack settlement. The content is divided into vehicle pieces, back base, heroic dolls and ordinary dolls, ordinary dolls in not only the forces of Miscellaneous soldier also includes a variety of bad luck, not mixed with the role of color, of course, all the same combat effectiveness calculations , Knocked down even finished. In addition, this series there is only one electric vehicle, with the ejection function with gestures controlled electric Empire Star Destroyers, a chance to do more detailed introduction. "Star Wars commander" toys to modeling a shape, to have feelings, finally ended up as a masterless fate, from a positive perspective, probably only be imagined as a cruel beauty. Brand: Hasbro - Hasbro Type: Unknown Series: Unknown Size: unknown people like Star Wars

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