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mp-16 ko frenzy & buzzsaw set offical

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mp-16 ko frenzy & buzzsaw set offical
this new set includes masterpiece versions of frenzy (in blue) and buzzsaw, soundwave's original pack-in cassette from the g1 releases. each can fit in the upcoming masterpiece soundwave, as well as transforming. the masterpiece cassettes can fit in g1 soundwave's chest as well as the g1 tapes fitting in masterpiece soundwave, increasing the play value of both figures!

the names were verified through translation of the katakana on the images.

well-suited to the company of fellow cassette warrior rumble, frenzy eagerly uses his powerful piledrivers to generate a high-pitched sound capable of disorienting and disrupting the electrical flow in targeted circuitry. still, as with the case of rumble, frenzy’s diminutive stature and limited intelligence are irritants which earn him ridicule and keep him in a raucous, perpetually warlike mode.

buzzsaw’s comparative sophistication obfuscates equally complex cruelty and an avidity for destruction. he kills his opponents with aplomb, likening the killings to contributions to his great masterpiece of carnage. buzzsaw is capable of pinpointing and photographing a thumbtack from a distance of 20 miles. he flies at a speed of 250 mph. he is armed with twin mortar cannons, and is his diamond-hard micro-serrated beak enables him to skewer virtually any enemy.

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    mp-16 ko frenzy & buzzsaw set offical
    mp-16 ko frenzy & buzzsaw set offical
    mp-16 ko frenzy & buzzsaw set offical

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