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optimum prime boton serires ko
brand new unopened, long put the time, packaging old, 38 yuan came, 35 yuan clearance deal, leaving a total of four! should not mengba di meng badi's predecessor, made ​​toys can not be without flaws, please consider good and then the next one. the transformers toy be made ​​good in quality (note: i refer only to the good quality in the domestic transformers, hasbro wants quality than other brands, please directly buy hasbro toys, etc.). car-shaped length of about 20 centimeters (humanoid not measured), robotics and simulation can be deformed vehicles, humanoid joints can be active, car-shaped door can be opened, the hood can be opened. deformation manual! here are more than physical map description:

    (note: special clearance toys, are described accurately describe this, do not accept negative feedback oh)


the basic humanoid shape, height of about 20 centimeters. molds and genuine almost the same, the details of recognition and genuine gap.

head carved depiction is still good, the image of the full high.

joint mobility is good, you can shape a swing.

in the show, a joint mobility picture.

four fingers or three fingers interlocking knuckles can put weapons in his hand, this weapon can be deformed into a car engine.

optimus deformed into simulation pickup truck form, did not get better there are gaps. you buy a car packed form, see the bottom of the box picture it, the car-shaped gap is quite ideal.

wheels are rubber wheels, but do not have to scroll smoothly up and open character, and i played two of which a rolling smooth, the other not.

transparent headlight design is also full of delicate feeling, full of high degree of simulation!

taillights remain transparent simulation design.

the door can be opened on both sides of the pickup truck, the hood can be opened also.

another small pickup truck behind the car also can open the shutter down.

this widget is optimus prime made ​​pistol deformation, can be installed in a car's engine inside the skin.

this paragraph toy packaging instructions included with deformation, but the instructions are in english.

box a long time to put older, may have some slightly older than the picture. the box is better than no much better now!

product name: transformers optimus prime

product code: 3000-20

brand: other

product material: abs

colour: red

ontology specifications: form under the car around a length of about 20 centimeters under the robot morphology unmeasured

packing: about 26 cm wide, 11 cm height of about 11 cm

weight: about 600-700 grams

ages: 3 years

certification information: ce certification

packing list: transformers body a deformed manual 1

product features: transformers very realistic simulation of car models, deformation with some difficulty, if it is used by younger children, please complete under adult supervision.

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