"Infinite Fit" "Infinite Dark Five Animal VS Infinite Jaguar Sword Arthur" sold together

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Bandai Bandai Toys announced on the back of the launch of "Infinite Fit Five Animal", "Infinity Asuka", "Asuka Unlimited" and "Infinite Patron Saint (Phantom)" sold in 2008 After four waves of boxes play the works, the recent public will continue to sell the fifth wave of the work is "infinite dark five animal VS infinite holy warriors sacred arthur (inter ー フ ァ ラ オ VS パ ラ ン デ ィ ー シ ョ ン ア ー サ ー)" (name temporary translation) two common roll out. This time the series of the most popular "Unlimited Jain Art Arthur (ム ゲ ン フ ra オ オ オ)" and "Five Animals (マ ン サ ン サ ー シ ー)" two new colors to wake up jointly launched! Originally "red purple" color "Sword Sacred Beast" This time in white "Jihad (Padel デ ン ン)" color, the original blues tone of the "five sacred animal" This is based on the "dark (ダ ー ク ム)" color to Present, of course, can also be two different color matching "Sword sacred" and "five animal" with a more multi-element combination of fun to play, which is expected to PREMIUM BANDAI online store on August 21, 2017 to accept the order, favorite "Infinite fit" series of boxes to play friends can refer to Europe! Infinite Fit is a series of food and beverage products launched by Bandai Toys. Each set has a theme, each with about five to six models launched. The collection of boxes can be combined to form a larger mechanical body. This series of all the assembly tenon and groove are the same size, allowing friends to play their own creative ideas, the freedom to mix and play with the parts and so on, but also because of the creative and have the possibility of "unlimited" kind of fit, Therefore, the name is also taken as "Infinite fit" ゲ ン サ ン サ ー ga. Is expected to be launched there are all 10 kinds of species can be collected: 1. ダ ー ク ム ゲ ン ア イ ン ビ ス / Dark Anubis 2. ダ ー ク ム ニ ン フ ン ス フ ィ ン ス / Dark Sphinx 3. ダ ー ク ム ゲ ン ラ ー / Dark Horus 4.ダ ー ク ム ン ス コ ー ピ ー ン / Dark Scorpion 5. ダ ー ー ク ム ゲ ン セ ン ベ ベ / dark Sobek crocodile 6. パ ラ ン ィ ン メ ン ン ナ イ イ / Jihad Unlimited Knight 7. パ ラ ン ィ ン グ ゲ ン ラ ン イ オ / Jihad Unlimited Lion King 8. パ ラ ン ィ ン ム ゲ ン ユ ニ コ ー ン / Jihad Unlimited Unicorn 9 Pirates of the Caribbean. Jihad unlimited Leviathan 10. Paladin Genji infinity / Jihad Infinity Phoenix (work name temporary translation). Price ¥ 4,320 (tax 込) ¥ yen, box size H about 140mm × W about 65mm, is expected to launch in December 2017 Translated from toypeople Brand: TAMASHI-Bandai Soul Type: egg box egg / Food / Scenery Series: Unknown Size: Unparalleled people like Wan Dai

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