g1 transformers vintage dragon dragon violence the ebay bought armadillo ghost (defective color)

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no damage of the main body, the joint tight thermal discoloration in physical taking pictures.the < img border = "0" style = "max - width: 800.0 px;"src = "http://pic1.actoys.net/attachment/mon_1401/16_3172_01f42b43194238d.jpg?46" > < img border = "0" style = "max - width: 800.0 px;"src = "http://pic1.actoys.net/attachment/mon_1401/16_3172_0ee9df0f88e1e62.jpg?43" > because manufacturing technology level, there is off paint, paint, scratch, uneven color, joint tight or loose, screens are not allowed to be poorly designed, lax, deformation, and so on and so forth.is the inevitable phenomenon, of the above situations, i can't provide quality assurance, i'm sorry.transformers, after all, just a toy, is not a handicraft, can not reach the perfect state.of course, we will check carefully before shipment, try to choose the best.but we do not guarantee 100% do not have these conditions.if ask for a refund after receipt, not agree.there is a big hidden trouble, especially 2 hand toys so would you please sign for face to face!!!!!!!!!!!safeguard our common interests!when customer receive the goods, such as don't sign!when the goods after delivery, please open in front of delivery personnel check good product after signature sign for it again!for the need to sign for it first, then open the package to check the goods, the consignee shall require the carrier to monitor and opened the package to check on the spot, such as surface found inconsistencies, shall directly sign for it in the list filling the details and let the carrier sign.found commodity packaging cartons have been apart or found the goods delivery errors or had serious damage to the goods, after receiving the goods can refuse to sign for it!and contact me directly to ensure your interests;after confirm the identity of the surface, the signature of the consignee, it indicates that the default and accept taobao rules of surface consistent rules, shall not be surface consistent problem, and then link machine and accessories lack of lost or damaged, i will refuse to deal with!pro after receiving the baby, must be out of the box in front of courier to check the inspection well to make sure the goods intact in sign after receiving sth oh, thank you for your patronage.(* ^ __ ^ *) to sign first and then out of the inspection, if it is in good condition to give back to the courier express single thank you (sign after receiving sth not inspection, you should be responsible for damage in transit will!)after receiving the baby if you have any questions, please contact us within 24 hours, such as baby no problem, please timely recognition and praise oh, thank you for your support!

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